Our Story

Linenado is a family run business that was started to solve a problem. Some of our family members had skin problems that were made worse by the types of materials used in most clothing sold around the world.

Having worked in the clothing industry, we understood the potential of linen and realised we could not only help our family, but help people all around the world who want a soft and comfortable alternative that looks after their skin. 

It is also a passion of ours to make people aware of the environmental and sociological impact of the clothing industry, guiding people to more environmentally-friendly and more ethical practices. We use 100% organic linen in our clothing, from sources who treat their staff, suppliers and the environment fairly.

This commitment to quality and care is at the heart of every decision we make and every item we sell to our wonderful customers. We hope you discover the power of linen today, whether that is in linen clothing, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom linen, we have everything you will want.

1) Story about Linenado

- Started the business because family members had skin problems

- Want to make people eco-aware and clothes more ethical (fuck knows - maybe talking about no mass production in third world countries)